Mens Get Lucky Leprechaun Costume


Mens Get Lucky Leprechaun Costume

Item Id: DG4481


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Quick Overview

Theres bound To Be A Pot Of Gold And A Leprechaun At The End Of Every Rainbow. Bring Some Luck To A Lovely Lady This Halloween Wearing This Costume.


Button Front Vest And Matching Suspenders. Includes Hat, Large Bow Tie And Arm Band With "Kiss Me" Clover. (5 Piece Set)
Women's US
Size Size Cup Bust Waist Hip Corset Inseam Rise Weight
X-Small0-2A30"-32"23"-25"32"-34"-34"6 1/2"-7"85lb-90lb
Small2-6A/B32"-34"25"-27"34"-36"32"-34"34 1-2"7-7 1/2"90lb-120lb
Medium6-10B/C34"-36"27"-29"36"-38"34"-36"35"7 1/2"-8"120lb-140lb
Large10-14C/D36"-38"29"-31"38"-40"36"-38"35 1/2"8"-8 1/2"140lb-160lb
X-Large14-16D/E38"-40"31"-33"40"-42"38"-40"36"8 1/2"-9"160lb-180lb
Small/Medium2-8A/B32"-34"24"-26"34"-36"-35"7 1/2"-8"90lb-130lb
Medium/Large8-14B/C36"-38"28"-32"38"-40"-35 1-2"8"-8 1/2"130lb-160lb
1X-2X16-18D/DD40"-48"36"-40"42"-48"40"-42"-44"36 1/2"9"-9 1/2"165lb-225lb
3X-4X18-20DD48"-54"40"-44"50"-56"-37"9 1/2"-10"225lb-275lb
One Size2-14B/C32"-38"24"-32"34"-40"-35"7 1/2"-8"90lb-160lb
Plus Size16-20D/DD40"-54"36"-44"42"-56"-36 1/2"9"-9 1/2"165lb-275lb
*Note: Measurements are of the actual item.